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I am so glad I lucked out meeting you at the Art Swap. You are a true friend to read my stuff so loyally and to say such kind words.
Comment by maggie Sat Nov 30 05:11:27 2013
Everything u write is beautiful, and genuinely heartfelt....
Comment by amanda phipps Sat Nov 30 04:37:05 2013
Keep it up girl! There are those of us who are fulfilled by reading your works!! Life is meaningless without the written word, and those who provide it to us!!!
Comment by Nancy Gillespie Thu Nov 21 03:43:51 2013
Thank you Patrick Finn. Wow. It is an honor for you to have commented on my blog.
Comment by maggie Wed Nov 20 16:17:22 2013
The writerly life is a good life. It has never supported me, but it is just what I do.
Comment by patrick finn Wed Nov 20 15:34:22 2013
You were one of the two most important you's in the backyard with me this summer. (the other one Mom) Thank you so much for your comment. I've been waiting for it.
Comment by maggie Thu Nov 14 21:52:15 2013
This is such a beautiful ode to remembered summer! I hope you put poems like this aside in a specific folder for your next chapbook.
Comment by Anna Thu Nov 14 21:33:38 2013
I read this aloud to Mom, and she really liked it. :-)
Comment by Anna Thu Oct 10 14:10:18 2013
I really want to do more bridge shots. Resting the camera on a picnic table with walnut husks is an easy trick that everyone should try!
Comment by maggie Thu Oct 10 01:34:55 2013
This is a very good one! An excellent way to fill my time as our slave (Mom) does the dishes. :-)
Comment by Anna Wed Oct 9 23:06:07 2013