We are the keepers of Bristol. We put butter on the table. I used to think that photography was superficial. So close to Kingsport, I thought film would bring on the pollution to end the world. Digital photography plus a blog has really turned that stance around. I see beauty in the rolling waterfalls and the mountain backdrop. I see beauty in the Siberian wilderness. But here in Bristol in Tennessee and Virginia, I see beauty in common things. Mainly I see beauty in movement, my yellow dog rolling on his back in joy on the grassy hillside, so free. But too, I see beauty in the view. I see beauty in the wind as I imagine it gazing at a flag. The graves hold an old glory. Looking up, the catalpa tree houses this same brilliance. Beauty I call it. Moving slow, I still can harness the magnificence of it all within a simple walk of my house.

Nice shots--esp. the ones with 1/2 sky:)
Comment by maggie Tue Oct 8 00:19:04 2013