Sitting around the turkey and ham,
realizing Daddy's bragging about every sibling but me.
Temperature drops.
Guess that Hesses really have cold blood
Can't we all just brag about eachother?
"Isn't he the hippest Daddy
in all the land?
Yet the whole time I'm reliving trauma,
laughable things spun negative,
like the hierarchy of us.
I have a tendency to be moody
and take things the wrong way.
Yet now,
when hugs went all around,
it was Daddy's wife
who told me he is so proud of me
that he talks to his friends
about the poems I write.
So I wonder now why was I so sullen?
Why was I not boasting
when everyone was toasting?

The best thing I did this Thanksgiving
was to walk with Dani
and to ask her
if Thanksgiving is hard on her.
And to listen to her honest reply of yes.

I see a time less bitter today.
I feel the hugs surrounding my body
and people reaching out to help me.
There's Anna searching every room
to say goodbye.

Everything u write is beautiful, and genuinely heartfelt....
Comment by amanda phipps Sat Nov 30 04:37:05 2013
I am so glad I lucked out meeting you at the Art Swap. You are a true friend to read my stuff so loyally and to say such kind words.
Comment by maggie Sat Nov 30 05:11:27 2013