For too long I've belittled the capacity of the world to patronize my writing arts and assumed paying readers are too shallow for my poetry. Yesterday changed that. I am a writer and though I need a practical job (like plumbing) to feed myself for now, my ultimate goal to be a fully paid author poet should not be belittled. The dream is to write poetry and produce chapbooks that earn me a healthy living when they reach my readers' hands and that is a goal worth working for. I want to be paid to write and this goal is just as valid as any other profession. Actually it is a cop out to devalue my own capabilities or potential to be a poet.

Writing is more valid than most careers today and readers in this world agree and are willing to patronize good art. Readers should not be called shallow. There are readers who would pay for good current writing that I can make. I have not charged enough for my writing. I have not appreciated my poems enough. I have not worked hard enough to be a poet and to build that dream before it magically is granted. Today that changes. Time has come to revision, reorganize, and reaffirm my life. I am poet, pay me.

Can you imagine a world where literacy, poetry, and the arts were lifted up higher than industry, corporations, the prison complex, or global war? Take a minute to try. Now take an hour. And now start working and paying to build that world. If you're a teacher, tell your students they are the ones we've been waiting on to make this possible. Value what you actually care about and pursue it. Put your art and patronage where your mouth is.

The writerly life is a good life. It has never supported me, but it is just what I do.
Comment by patrick finn Wed Nov 20 15:34:22 2013
Thank you Patrick Finn. Wow. It is an honor for you to have commented on my blog.
Comment by maggie Wed Nov 20 16:17:22 2013
Keep it up girl! There are those of us who are fulfilled by reading your works!! Life is meaningless without the written word, and those who provide it to us!!!
Comment by Nancy Gillespie Thu Nov 21 03:43:51 2013